Frequently asked questions

How do I order a product?

You can buy here in the shop, for example on the product description page, or online on the websites of other retailers, obtaining the same price. The product warranty will be guaranteed by the seller you have chosen or directly by sending the defective product to us.

Can I pay cash on delivery? ... I don't have a credit card ...

Cash on delivery payment on our shop is not foreseen. alternatively if you contact us we can find another solution. the way lies!

How many years are there guarantees?

The product warranty is 2 years. covers structural defects. However, contact us for any repairs, also not covered by the warranty.

I have an idea ... can I contact you to make it happen?

Of course, if it is good we will be happy to talk about it together.

I saw your product on amazon ....

We also market on amazon, if you prefer you can use that channel.

I have a discount code ... can I use it?

Of course, if it doesn't work, it may have expired. In case of problems contact us!

Do I disturb you by writing on Whatsapp?

We really can't wait ;-)

They are bulky products ... could I have problems during transport?

It is not impossible, but we have studied the packaging so that everything arrives at its destination in excellent condition. However, remember that the goods travel at our own risk throughout Europe. If a problem occurs, we solve it in a short time. Promised ;-)

Have you run out of ideas?

To tell the truth, something still has to see the light ... Leonardo on the occasion of the Trophy in Genk Belgium, and Transformer in Arco. But don't worry, they are not products that will make your Bonsai Technique tool obsolete ... Then later we will see: - @

Are there problems with shipments due to COVID19?

No, in general things have returned to normal. However, in the case of large purchases such as the REPOT TABLE PRO, it may take longer due to courier safety standards.